Photo Album

It’s Spirit Week at the Parlin School! On Monday, October 26, students and staff celebrated Parlin Pride Day by wearing Panther Blue and showing their love for their school! Here is the schedule for the rest of the week: TUESDAY (10/27) - Crazy Hair or Hat Day: Wear a crazy hat or style your hair in a wacky way! WEDNESDAY (10/28) - Sports Day: Wear the t-shirt or gear from your favorite team or sport (football, soccer, hockey, basketball, etc.) THURSDAY (10/29) - Pet or Stuffed Animal Day: Show us your pet or favorite stuffed animal by bringing them online with you! You can also draw a picture or wear a t-shirt with your favorite animal. FRIDAY (10/30): Costume Day for Halloween! We will add more photos as the move moves along!

Staff, posed photo, wearing blue
Staff standing outside the Parlin School, posed photo
Two staff take a selfie, both in Parlin sweatshirts
A teacher, selfie, wearing a Parlin T-shirt
Two staff, selfie